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Hi colleagues.

Over the past 4 years the world of tools for integration testing has been changed a lot.

Bringing to your attention actual as of 2014 scheme.






Hope it helped to eliminate mess in your head.

Feel free to comment if there is any discrepancy.


In additional I’d like to introduce performance comparison of some combinations.

Combination Spent time
capybara-poltergeist-phantomjs 0.905939
capybara-racktest 0.164243
capybara-selenium-chrome 9.512472
capybara-selenium-firefox 19.975556
capybara-selenium-htmlunit 9.508733
capybara-selenium-phantomjs 17.783997
capybara-webkit 1.211507
sahi-chrome 25.997508
sahi-firefox 32.630895
sahi-phantomjs doesn’t work
watir-selenium-chrome 10.531617
watir-selenium-firefox 21.71715
watir-selenium-phantomjs 19.585553

capybara-racktest is the fastest combination, but doesn’t support javascript. Consider capybara-poltergeist-phantomjs and capybara-webkit combinations for your application.

You can find source of tests here.

P.S. Sahi is really buggy and has poor ruby support. Don’t spend time on it.